I am in recovery from almost two years of severe and quite unexpected health issues, two surgeries for two thoracic aortic aneurysms and congestive heart failure that was brought on by the open heart surgery performed to repair the first aneurysm.

The day to day details of this journey have been grueling, shockingly unexpected and


debilitating. I fluctuate between states of healthy attitude and downright annoyance at my predicament but I’m always looking for help in my search for health and recovery so I recently ordered Dr. Dean Ornish’s book, “Love and Survival” from Amazon. After reading a few pages, I was struck with the inspiration to open a page on Facebook where others who are wandering through similar experiences can come to find community of a sort to share and create support for one another.

It also happens that for quite some time, I’ve been on a path seeking deeper spiritual insights about myself, who I am, who I need to become and my soul’s purpose for choosing life this time.  While my encounters with difficult health are not something that I relish, I do find that my soul has invited in these apparently undesirable circumstances to assist me on my journey to Self discovery.  I know that these things have not occurred in a vacuum but quite clearly have come about because of my inability to live a life true to my own Self and my true nature.

The path is still inconsistent and bumpy at all levels of my being but I know the value of shared experience, love and compassion. Ornish’s book is a loud and clear proclamation of this truth and the prompting i received in the opening pages came as an answer to me as to how I can begin fulfilling my soul’s purpose which is in part to create community that provides the opportunity for all who wish to participate to re-claim spirit, health, healing and wholeness at all levels of being.

It is my hope that those of us who find ourselves on the stark shores of healing our many-layered selves through physical challenges as well as our friends and loved ones who are walking the journey with us, may find here love, support, connections, and information sharing that will provide us with one more tool toward wholeness.



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