img_3397In healing, we can find ourselves or we can curse the journey.  It’s a choice.  It takes time.  It takes courage.  It takes support.  It takes sharing our journey with others who may also find courage, support, and themselves in the story we share.  Oral traditions of the past have taught us the value of story.  We no longer have the tribe to sit around the sacred fire with on dark starlit skies and learn from the elders or others but we have this miraculous medium of the internet, so to all those who can find connection to the tribe through my thoughts and experiences of life and my healing crisis, I say “welcome”.   May we all arrive at the destination of clarity and healing through support and sharing.

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One thought on “matters of the heart

  1. Helloooo…
    Thank you for following my blog darling ❤
    I love your intention and send lots of Shamballa love & healing your way… ❤
    Feel so very Loved & Hugged, BE Blessed ❤
    Hayley 🙂


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